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MONTECH s.r.o. — is an international trading company with an experienced team of dedicated professionals.

Founded in 2002, it provides complex trade supplies of industrial chemicals from manufacturing plants to various regions.

Working with technical experts and complemented by a suite of patented and licensed technologies, MONTECH s.r.o. reduces risk, increases value, and ensures greater operational success for its customers.

MONTECH s.r.o. offers exclusively certified products from reliable suppliers that meet the highest international quality standards. By diversifying geographically and strategically, linking with us to different countries, you will be able to participate in a limited specialized supply of natural gas, minerals, metals and derivatives.


  • Energy

  • Fertilizers

  • Raw materials
    for production

  • Ammonia


Our team has extensive experience in various energy sectors, which allows us to understand the current situation and development trends in the natural gas, oil and coal markets.

Our experience is a guarantee of competitive conditions for the supply of energy resources to our customers.

  • Favorable terms of cooperation

  • World quality standards

  • Continuous and efficient work


Our company offers a wide range of fertilizers for the agricultural industry, which allows us to meet the needs of our customers in full:

    Nitrogen fertilizers:

  • Urea
  • Ammonium nitrate
  • Calcium ammonium nitrate
  • Ammonium sulfate
  • Urea-ammonia mixture

    Phosphate fertilizers:

  • Diammonium phosphate
  • Monoammonium phosphate
  • Triple superphosphate
  • Single superphosphate

    Complex fertilizers:

  • 15-15-15
  • 16-16-16
  • 16-20-0
  • 20-10-10
  • 16-16-8
  • 10-26-26
  • 16-8-8
  • and many other special NP / NPK blends with or without trace elements.

Raw materials for production

  • Granular and molded sulfur
  • Crushed feed sulfur
  • Stone phosphate-phosphoric acid
  • Sulphuric acid


We offer ammonia of exclusively certified quality from reliable suppliers that meets the highest international quality standards.

Company policy

We do business with integrity.
At MONTECH s.r.o. our reputation for doing business with complete integrity is critical. We are committed to fighting any kind of corruption or bribery.

We do not get involved in corruption – whatever form it takes. We do not offer or accept bribes and we do everything we can to prevent bribery by others who act on our behalf, for example, by appropriately checking third parties with whom we do business or who provide services.

Always vigilant against corruption
Corruption can take many forms, so we are always vigilant and on the alert for any suspicious behavior, such as a business partner asking for unusually high commissions or payments in cash or refusing to accept anti-corruption contract requirements or our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We would rather lose a business opportunity than win by means of corruption. Bribery – whether of a governmental official or in the private sector – is always wrong and has no place in our business.

Political activity and lobbying
We conduct our lobbying and political communications in accordance with transparent guidelines, our publicly stated positions and all applicable laws. As a company, we engage in political lobbying to advance our company’s interests, but we do this transparently and do not financially support political parties or organizations close to them.
We do business across borders.
We are a company with activities and business partners all over the world. We are aware that all business relationships with domestic and international partners may be subject to trade control laws. So, we strictly adhere to all applicable laws, including trade control regulations like embargoes, anti-terrorism laws and further regulations aimed at preventing misuse.

Trade control
We do business globally which means our activities are subject to various national and international trade laws, restricting or prohibiting the import and export of our products or services.

Trade control regulations are a sensitive topic, but our Global Trade Control Team helps us navigate within these boundaries, because employees need to be familiar with, and sensitive to, the issues of export/import controls.
We are always on guard against dirty money.
At MONTECH s.r.o., we do not allow dirty money to play any part in our business. But while it is easy to state that as a fundamental principle, protecting our company against attempts by criminals to "clean" cash and other assets generated by illegal activities is a challenge that demands constant vigilance, from us all. Because being involved in money-laundering or terrorism financing – even inadvertently – is a criminal offence.

Anti-money laundering
We are always keen to do business, but only with reputable partners who operate within the law, using resources from legitimate sources. We carefully check the identity and credentials of potential customers, business partners and other third parties.

To protect our reputation and avoid any possible criminal liability, we need to be constantly vigilant about the activities of business partners, so we know who we are dealing with before contracts are signed, or transactions occur, and watch out for payment irregularities or suspicious behavior, on the part of customers or others.

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